Dating with Spring

Dancing butterflies are beautiful, smart spirits and messengers of spring.

Butterfly's Fantasy

Introduces a selection of Italian light metal-like sheepskin. The variety of structures combined with luxury handwork, expresses the elegance of feminine temperament.

The world does not lack beauty, just the eyes to find it

Loving Birds

Inspired by the colorful feathers of the male mandarin duck.

Gorgeous Love

Exquisite hand embroideries show sheme's respect for tradition. The irregular top line design highlights individuality.

To the world, you may not be important, but to someone, you may be the whole world.

Egyptian Rhapsody

The mysterious and rich color of gold from the ancient Egyptian queen.

Mysterious Desert

Hand embroidered patterns made with high luxury golden India silk thread on a beautiful black Italian sheep suede base.

It is the gold that glitters.