Linda Liu Sheme Shoe

Linda Liu

Linda Liu, founder of sheme, is known as “the woman who dedicates her life to shoes”. With 30 years of experience in the footwear industry, she became fanatic, spending all her life in the search for the most perfect and comfortable shoe.  She used to turn the whole city inside out trying to find “the perfect pair of shoes”, but remained unsatisfied. She then decided to create her own brand, sheme, to be able to express through the best craftsmanship available around the world shoes that are at the same time beautiful and often dramatic but also wearable and comfortable.

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About sheme

Established in 2008, sheme is a luxury footwear brand, persisting in handmade and original design. Ten years were spent in search of best materials, traditional artisans, and shoemaking masters worldwide before being ready to establish the brand. Sheme adapts traditional Italian handmade techniques together with original designs, to create pieces accurately dedicated to enhance women’s beauty with the maximum comfort, achieving the unique “art of walking”.